Stream Claims

No one knows what needs will emerge in the future. Stream Claims streamlines end-to-end claims processing for all personal & commercial lines & prepares you to adapt to new business requirements with the underlying platform. While you might struggle implementing changes with your current system, Stream Claims—part of Sapiens P&C Insurance Platform™—operates with configurable business rules & workflow.

The Stream Claims system offers these benefits and more:

  • Saved time. The claims system offers intelligent rules-driven workflow with effective claim assignment, ensuring faster cycle times in claims that equate to lower expenses and settlement costs
  • Better customer service. Omni-channel support for loss reporting including call center, electronic file, vendor import, portal and mobile for improved customer service
  • Deep functionality. The claims system provides full life cycle support for handling a claim for all personal and commercial lines of business including workers’ compensation
  • Improved claimant/adjuster experience. The claims system’s intuitive and easy to use interface offers “one click” access for staff members
  • Better customer service and vendor management. There is a central repository for all persons and organizations involved in the carrier’s operation that provides a 360-degree view of these parties
  • Proactive management of exposure and responsive service to policyholders for storm losses or catastrophic events. The software offers tools, such as a comprehensive Catastrophe Management function, Mobile Claims Adjusting, and alternative payment method options such as EFT and Debit Cards
  • Better insight and control. Supervisory and management functions offer insight and control over claims operations through visual representation of the business, including workloads, financial responsibilities and operational performance
  • Cost-effectiveness. Take advantage of cost-effective options for delivering, implementing and operating Stream Claims through either on-premise or cloud-based deployment

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