Adaptik Product Designer

Adaptik Product Designer is the web-based configuration facility that leverages wizards, drag-and-drop and other tools to make configuration easy.

Adaptik Product Designer’s Advanced tools allow you to easily control the complexities of working with two or more sets of business rules simultaneously. In addition, it enables the sharing of rules across products and distribution channels—all without programming.

Configured User Interface & System Behavior

  • Web user interfaces created and managed without programming
  • New data capture enabled without database changes or programming
  • Configured navigation for normal and exception processing
  • Configured business rules to enable user-level, page-level, field-level and process level behaviors
  • Configured transactions for both standard and specialized policy servicing needs
  • Automatic reconciliation of policy data against the most current set of configured rules

Configured System Integration

  • Rapid integration with other software including, but not limited to, rule and rating engines, agency management, claims, billing and custom built systems
  • Integration handled via XML-based web services
  • Configured data upload capabilities that leverage configured business rules to facilitate data exchange for in real time or asynchronously
  • Configured interfaces are compatible with future Adaptik releases

Configured Product Definition

  • Easy to use, comprehensive product definition for all P&C insurance products
  • Advanced rule versioning and management capabilities
  • Derivative product definition without “cloning”