Adaptik Portal

The Adaptik Portal connects users and carriers like never before, making it easy for all stakeholders to submit new applications, handle subsequent transactions and routine policyholder self-service, and generate quick quotes and full quotes based on production-ready data from core systems.

Best of all, the portal supports upload from and download to agency management systems like Epic, TAM, DORIS, Vision, AMS360 and Sagitta, and integrates directly with legacy carrier systems – increasing data integrity and all but eliminating the need for duplicate entry.

  • Straight-through processing, with manual exception handling guided by advanced work management tools
  • Full support for complex and specialty lines and large schedule uploads
  • Intuitive, brandable user interfaces for desktop and mobile
  • Guided, open and hybrid user navigation, depending on the user’s expertise level and role
  • Intelligent, live data completeness tools
  • Real-time access to policy documents and third-party data providers
  • On-premise and cloud deployment options
  • Web service integrations via RESTFUL, SOAP and more