Is the policy admin solution you’re about to purchase really ‘configurable’?

Written by Stacy Stout on September 19th, 2017

Over the last few years more and more P&C policy admin vendors are claiming that their solutions are configurable. But are you sure what the vendor means by “configurable” means what YOU think it means?

At Adaptik, we’ve found that many of our competitors in P&C policy administration space who advertise their products as configurable really can’t deliver some of the basic features their customers want and need. Before you invest in that system, here are a few simple things to check.

What can be done via configuration? Can you…

  • add a web page?
  • add new fields?
  • make those fields apply conditionally?
  • add answer options?
  • decide which controls to use?
  • change font, color, and other styling attributes conditionally?
  • position everything on the page with WYSIWYG control?
  • add conditional error messages?
  • add new coverages conditionally?
  • retire fields, yet grandfather them such that policies with them keep them? (Don’t forget, we’re talking about doing this through configuration, not wholesale coding changes.)
  • do similar grandfathering for coverages, forms and other aspects of your product?
  • set up calls to web services, including defining the fields that should be included in an interface to that service?
  • create sets of rules to run on-demand, such as at page load or submit, at change of a field value, or even simply on-demand?
  • add a brand new product or program – and the rules to support it?
  • control navigation, pages available or any other characteristic by user type and privileges?

Did you answer ‘No’ to some of these items? Everything listed above can be accomplished – via configuration in a user interface (not a scripting language) – with the Adaptik Suite.

In many of our demonstration with carriers, the audience has been stunned by what we can accomplish with simple configuration right in front of them. No smoke. No mirrors. No builds. No DBAs. So how does the system you’re currently considering measure up?

Don’t believe the hype? Check out our Adaptik Challenge – send us a problem or issue you’re having with your current P&C policy administration system and we’ll show you how fast and flexible the Adaptik Suite really is.