Adaptik Customer

Adaptik Customer provides agents and underwriters with a complete customer picture at a glance—including account history, contacts, relationships, policies, and more.

Designed to address the specific business challenges of P&C insurers, Adaptik Customer enables P&C insurance carriers to:

  • Capture and manage customer information
  • Group related customers
  • Identify and manage duplicate entry
  • Support customer clearance at point of entry
  • Provide a consolidated view of all policies for a customer
  • Access the complete view of a customer as of a specific date
  • Enter and manage notes and attachments for a customer

Full Data Capture For Individuals & Legal Entities

Adaptik Customer handles full data capture for all individuals and legal entities who are prospects, active customers and inactive customers, including data that can be used for policy processing, e.g. discount determination.

  • Organized view of customers and potential customers
  • Summary of all policies associated to a particular customer record
  • Ability to group related customers together
  • Advanced customer search functionality to identify duplicates and to facilitate merging of duplicate records
  • Capture and manage customer level notes, correspondence and attachments
  • Data pre-fill for quotes and new business applications

Customer Clearance

Adaptik Customer’s customer clearance capabilities can be used to prevent other agents from quoting business for a Customer that is already “owned” by an agent.

  • Ability to clear customers for specific products or groups of products
  • Distinct clearance workflows for agents and internal users

Web Service Based Integration

Adaptik Customer is pre-delivered with web services for easy integration with other applications across the enterprise and also comes fully integrated with the Adaptik Solution’s Adaptik Policy out-of-the-box.

  • Customer Inquiry
  • Create Customer
  • Update Customer
  • Request Customer Clearance
  • Change Inquiry
  • Add Note to Customer
  • Retrieve Customer Notes