The Benefits of Adaptive Software Development

Written by Christopher Merkel on August 22nd, 2017

Prototyping, the iterative modeling of a system, enables users to be actively involved in the development process. The methodology – which provides a working model of the system throughout development – allows errors, missing functionality and confusing or difficult functions to be detected early, reducing risk of sub-optimal ROI on the finished project.

At Adaptik, we bake prototyping into our design process … but what makes us different than the rest?  In most projects, the prototype is an artifact used to build the “real” system later.  At Adaptik, when the prototype is done, the application is nearly finished!

How’s that?

Adaptik lets you configure nearly everything – a page, a question, a coverage, a rule, the page layout, page flow order, a call to an external web service, just about anything – then immediately review it in the end-user test environment. Don’t like it? Change it. Not in a month or a week … in a day. Once you like it, keep it; it’s ready for use – with no translation, no reconfiguring, and no coding. It’s not just prototyping; it’s Adaptive Software Development


With Adaptive Software Development, the guessing is gone. Misunderstandings can be identified and sorted out very early in the process, leading to a system that meets the end user’s needs the first time … and every time. Most non-technical users (and even some engineers) can have trouble articulating exactly what they want until they see a working model of a system. With Adaptive Software Development, they get to use the system and give precise, actionable feedback. The result? Less non-value-add back and forth, and better applications brought to market faster.


Adaptive Software Development provides users with a greater sense of involvement; each iterative phase provides the opportunity for the client to see what the system looks like. This leads to increases in organizational visibility, stakeholder buy-in, and funding. Users see the application come to life in front of their eyes, as opposed to being asked hundreds of questions which get documented in a phonebook-sized binder that doesn’t become “real” until months later.


You’ve heard the phrase “time is money.” It’s never more true than in development time. It’s far less expensive to address design challenges in the early stages of the development process than towards the end of a project. That’s why we encourage all of our customers to utilize our Adaptive Software Development capabilities. It helps us (and them) get precisely what they want in a much shorter timeframe.

Adaptik’s Adaptive Software Development is based on leading-edge technology that has earned multiple patents. Our capabilities let our clients save time, money and frustration. It’s time you find out more about Adaptik and our revolutionary capabilities – click here to learn more, or contact us directly. We’d love to help you build the exact system you want.