Adaptik Work Manager

Adaptik Work Manager is fully integrated with Adaptik Policy, allowing P&C insurers to track and manage work items across the enterprise for better customer service and improved collaboration between agents and underwriters.

Adaptik Work Manager was designed to integrate with Adaptik Policy, as well as other systems in the enterprise via web services. Adaptik Work Manager’s integrated in-box functionality complements Adaptik’s industry leading policy administration capabilities to provide a full policy and underwriting solution for mid to large P&C insurers.

Adaptik Work Manager’s intuitive inbox and user-friendly features provide P&C insurance carriers with:

  • Improved ease of doing business through agent and underwriter collaboration
  • Greater visibility into workload allocation to prevent bottlenecks and minimize quiet times through supervisor views and management reports
  • Improved efficiency and productivity with automatic assignment and notifications
  • Better customer service through exception-based processing and SLA tracking

Integrated In-Box Capabilities

Agents and underwriters have access to Adaptik Work Manager’s List View to manage their current and future tasks.

  • Create, view and administer all tasks for both individuals and work groups
  • Pre-defined and advanced list filtering capabilities
  • Manage multiple tasks at once
  • Access complete task history

Configured Assignment Rules

Adaptik Work Manager’s Assignment Matrix supports the automatic distribution and notification of new tasks.

  • Assign tasks to individuals and work groups
  • Multiple assignment functions for bulk transfers
  • Automatic notification of newly assigned tasks

Underwriter & Agent Views

Authorized users are able to access workload views for individuals and work groups.

  • Drill down to see workload details for any individual or work group
  • Internal supervisors are able to set preferences to monitor task lists for authorized individuals and
    work groups
  • Agents are able to track the distribution of all tasks within the agency and the carrier

Operational Reports

Adaptik Work Manager includes multiple operational reports to monitor activity across the organization in real time.

  • View user performance
  • Measure user throughput
  • Outstanding tasks by status

Web Services Based Integration

Adaptik Work Manager is pre-delivered with web services for easy integration with other applications across the enterprise and also comes fully integrated with Adaptik Policy out-of-the-box.

  • Task Creation
  • Task Update
  • Task Inquiry

Adaptik Work Manager is comprised of a set of traditionally developed pages that will use AJAX to support modifying the page contents without a large flickering impact to the page. Web services will support the ability to invoke Adaptik Work Manager capabilities from remote systems.