Adaptik Payment Center

Adaptik Payment Center provides best-in-class Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP) capability – a must-have in the digital age.

Adaptik Payment Center, powered via collaboration with Invoice Cloud, provides the most effective way of presenting customers with their statements while also providing a convenient, secure way to pay and track their bills.

  • Online Bill Presentment and Notification
  • Major Credit/Debit Card Processing as well as Electronic Check Processing (ACH)
  • Customer Communications Platform
  • Automated Paperless Enrollment & Print Program
  • Recurring Automatic, One Time, & Scheduled Payment support
  • Customer Account Management Center
  • Integration with Billing Software (and not just Adaptik’s!)
  • Automated Deposit of Checks from Online Bank Sites
  • Over the Counter (POS) Payment Acceptance
  • Optimized Mobile Payments including “Pay by Text”
  • Integrated Kiosk and IVR (inbound & outbound) Payments

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