Face Your Toughest Policy Administration Issues with Adaptik

Take the Adaptik Challenge to see how quickly Adaptik can help your business thrive.

Our extensive
industry experience, combined with the strength of the Adaptik Solution, finally brings you policy administration on your terms.

The Adaptik Challenge provides a low risk approach for carriers to tackle their most difficult and trying policy administration issues.

Adaptik Challenge Benefits

  • Allows carriers to see first hand how requirements are clarified through our approach and configured within the Adaptik Solution.
  • Shows how quickly the Adaptik Solution can be configured to bring up new products and solve seemingly intractable problems quickly.
  • Can be used as the foundation for the implementation project.

Case in Point No. 1

  • During a recent POC, the Adaptik team was able to configure conversion processing and successfully convert all policies for one state in 3 weeks.
  • The average time to implement an integration point in the Adaptik Solution is 12 hours.

Case in Point No. 2

  • Just prior to implementation, a customer received user group feedback that required a complete redesign of the UI and application navigation.
  • Using a traditionally built system the change would have taken up to one year.
  • The Adaptik Team implemented the required changes in the solution in 4 weeks.

Case in Point No. 3

  • A customer wanted to stop Backup of Sewers and Drains endorsement on new policies and freeze coverage at current limits for existing policies.
  • The original change took several months to implement in their existing system.
  • The Adaptik Team implemented the change in the Adaptik Solution in 10 minutes.

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