Adaptik P&C Insurance Software Solutions

Adaptik’s modern, rules-based property and casualty software solutions allow carriers to achieve newfound success with commercial, personal, specialty and workers’ comp lines.

The Adaptik Suite is like no other set of insurance software applications available today. Intuitive and user-friendly, its solutions for policy administration, billing and product design empower users to accomplish critical tasks using configuration, rather than coding. The results are dramatic increases in operational agility and speed-to-market for new and existing products, as well as a marked reduction in cost and risk. With Adaptik, complexity becomes opportunity.

With Adaptik P&C policy administration & billing software, carriers can:

  • Quickly introduce new or revised products and promptly respond to regulatory changes
  • Enjoy best-in-class usability, reporting and analytics
  • Streamline existing distribution channels and expand support to new distribution channels
  • Realize rules-based straight-through processing
  • Seamlessly integrate with external systems
  • Scale to support large numbers of users
  • Provide end-to-end policy and underwriting workflow
  • Gain a centralized view of the customer
  • Automate manual processes
  • Leverage internal systems or harness the power of the cloud

Adaptik includes a distinct, yet fully integrated, set of applications that together provide a flexible and scalable product development, P&C policy administration, task management and customer management solutions. Use the tabs below to learn more.

Adaptik Policy Logo

Agents, underwriters and customers use Adaptik Policy to quote, issue and administer policies, and integrate with third-party systems.

Adaptik Policy is fully integrated with Product Designer to provide configuration-driven and context-sensitive web page presentation, navigation, transaction processing and integration with third party systems and services.


Adaptik Work Manager

Adaptik Work Manager is the component that provides agents and underwriters with integrated task management and work flow capabilities.

Designed to streamline processes and provide easy-to-use features for managing tasks and resources more efficiently across the enterprise, Adaptik Work Manager enables collaboration among agents, underwriters and other internal users for streamlined end-to-end underwriting and policy workflows.


Adaptik Customer

Adaptik Customer provides agents and underwriters with a complete customer picture at a glance—including account history, contacts, relationships, policies, and more.

Designed to address the specific business challenges of property and casualty insurers, Adaptik Customer enables P&C insurance carriers to capture and manage customer information.


Adaptik Billing

Adaptik Billing is a new enterprise billing platform from the leaders in configurable, scalable P&C insurance software solutions.

Adaptik Billing features everything insurers across North America love about the Adaptik Suite – flexibility, ease of deployment and highly configurable integrations – in an entirely new paradigm.


Adaptik Product Designer

Adaptik Payment Center provides best-in-class Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP) capability – a must-have in the digital age.

Adaptik Payment Center, powered via collaboration with Invoice Cloud, provides the most effective way of presenting customers with their statements while also providing a convenient, secure way to pay and track their bills.


Adaptik Product Designer

Adaptik Product Designer is the web-based configuration facility that leverages wizards, drag-and-drop and other tools to make configuration easy.

Adaptik Product Designer’s advanced tools allow users to easily control the complexities of working with two or more sets of business rules simultaneously. In addition, it enables the sharing of rules across products and distribution channels – all without programming.


Adaptik Portal

The Adaptik Portal connects users and carriers like never before, making it easy for all stakeholders to submit new applications, handle subsequent transactions and routine policyholder self-service, and generate quick quotes and full quotes based on production-ready data from core systems.

Best of all, the portal supports upload from and download to agency management systems like Epic, TAM, DORIS, Vision, AMS360 and Sagitta, and integrates directly with legacy carrier systems – increasing data integrity and all but eliminating the need for duplicate entry.


Adaptik rating

Adaptik Rating sets the new standard for performant and easy to maintain advanced capability rating for every line of business including specialty.

Adaptik Rating features everything an insurer needs in an industrial strength rating solution.